What Is Ido Fishing?

 Ido Fishing What is ido fishing ? When asked if I do fishing; my answer is an absolute no. I don’t go fishing, I do fish to get quality fish from my table, from the store when you can’t get quality fish, so as a rule. For me, fish are not Norwegian salmon, rainbow trout, Pangasius, Pilat ... etc., So no farmed fish, with antibiotics, heavy metals, and chemical dyes. All other fish is fine, as long as it is fresh, my own catch, immediately bled, junk fish I do not know. In addition to the above, I fish for small fish with 10mm nets as a pet treat, I smoke, dry, sort, and pack it for sale. The ido fishing left in the sorting is eaten by my dog ​​Moka and my country chicken is minced into fish meal. So I could be described as a part-time professional fisherman. I can’t imagine myself fidgeting with lures and tunings from all over the world and then the prey is the so-called wrong kind or not at all. Gear fishing is effective, as long as you know it, not everyone knows it, and neither do